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44 TON CAPACITY 80.7" BED 64.9" BETWEEN FRAMES 177 IPM APPROACH SPEED 21 IPM BENDING SPEED 118 IPM RETURN SPEED 6.3" STROKE 13.78" THROAT 15.85 GALLON OIL TANK 5 HP Compact 4-axis CNC system for press brakes DA-51 Everything under control The DA-51 press brake controller offers all basic CNC functions incl. angle programming of the Y-axis, controlling up to 4 axes. The front panel layout with the bright LCD display guarantees every user-friendly and easy to program controller. For part programming it provides the user programming space for 500program lines where each program can contain up to 25 bends . All bend parameters are orderly listed on one page. For each program there is one extra page available to specify a.o. tooling, material properties and stock count. The unique “push button page” structure gives a direct access to programs in memory and guarantees quick and easy programming of a product .With the test bend teach-in function ,the press brake utilization will be more efficient due too less programming and less test time. The basic machine control functions areY1-Y2 and X axis, optionally a second back gauge axis can be used as R/Z or X2-axis. DA-51 featuring: •One page programming R-axis, Z-axis or X2-axis optional•Crowning control•Panel based housing•Large memory base Tool library Servo, frequency inverter and AC control

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Durma Model E4020 CNC 4 Axis Press Brake 81" x 44 US Tons 2008

Durma Model E4020 CNC 4 Axis Press Brake 81" x 44 US Tons 2008
Press Brakes